Rose Soap

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  • Rose Soap Natural 100% Handmade Bar
  • 100 gram
  • From Rose garden
  • Cold Process
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Natural Rose Soap

Rose essence is one of the herbal essences used in care products due to its pleasant scent and softness. It is preferred for both hair and face cleansing. Additionally, many body creams used to moisturize the skin may contain rose. In this article, we will examine natural rose soap, which contains rose essence and red clay.

Properties of Rose Plant in Care Products

Before starting to write about rose soap, it would be useful to note that; This soap does not contain rose oil. Instead of this oil, which has a very high price, rose essence is used to give fragrance. Products containing rose essence, which are especially preferred by women, leave a clean scent and soft feeling on the skin after use. For this reason, it is included in many different types of care products. Various shampoos, face washes, shower gels and even facial tonics contain rose essence. In this way, these products can soften the skin and provide the desired care.

As a matter of fact, this plant was widely used by women for skin care many years ago. By crushing rose petals or soaking them in water for a certain period of time, various mixtures were produced for use on the skin under the conditions of that time. Of course, with the increase in technology and industrial production, the variety and number of these products have increased and their contents have been enriched. However, in addition to these positive features, unfortunately, some negative features have also been added, such as the use of additives that can harm the skin.

Rose Soap Skin Care with Natural Products

Many cosmetic products available in markets through industrial production have the risk of disrupting the natural balance of the skin and causing undesirable effects. For this reason, the demand for naturally produced products is increasing day by day. The Chailea rose soap we discussed in this article is also produced with completely natural ingredients. For this reason, it can be used safely on the face and will not cause any complications.


Rose soap, one of the important ingredients of which is red clay, shows the properties of this ingredient after its use. If we examine the place of red clay in skin care, we will encounter a quite extensive list. Clay is generally used, especially in facial care masks. It is frequently preferred because it is effective in purifying the skin. There are different types of clay: blue clay, white clay, red clay… The red clay contained in the soap we discussed in this article is a substance that helps maintain the oil balance of the skin and is also a purifying substance.


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