Turkish Coffee Bean Soap

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  • Turkish Coffee Bean Soap Natural 100% Handmade Bar
  • 100 gram
  • Coffee beans
  • Cold Process
  • Coffee oil contains a significant amount of aromatic components. These aromatic components, which carry the plant’s own scent, enable the oil to have a strong coffee smell and taste…
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Natural Coffee Soap and Its Properties

Natural coffee soap, which has a very pleasant smell, as can be guessed from its name, is a soap that you can enjoy for your personal care. We are mostly aware of the important place of coffee, which we frequently consume as a beverage, in today’s cosmetics industry. To get to know the natural coffee soap containing coffee oil and powders, let’s examine its content in detail, with support from scientific research.

Turkish Coffee Bean SoapCoffee Plant and Oil

Coffee is a product that has spread rapidly from several countries to other countries over the years and whose taste is very popular. Between the 17th and 19th centuries, it spread from Yemen to Southeast Asia, and from there to India and America, and became well-known and popular in these geographies. Coffee trees, which are known to have begun to be grown in Arab lands and nearby regions, produce products by growing red fruit-like structures that resemble cherries and contain coffee beans. When we look at the data obtained in recent years, we can say that the majority of coffee production in the world takes place in Brazil. You can find the details in this study, which we took as a source for all this information.

Coffee oil contains a significant amount of aromatic components. These aromatic components, which carry the plant’s own scent, provide the oil with a strong coffee smell and taste. As mentioned in this study, small pieces obtained from coffee oil and beans have almost the same chemical properties. They both contain common ingredients such as caffeine and chlorogenic acid. In this way, the biologically active powdered parts obtained from the seeds can be used in many sectors such as cosmetics. Natural coffee soap also contains both essential oil and the seed powders we mentioned. Among these two, oil participates in saponification, while powders do not participate in saponification reactions. Since coffee oil participates in saponification, it loses some of its unique properties in chemical processes. However, powders that do not undergo any change during the saponification phase are a very important ingredient for natural coffee soap.

Coffee Soap Oil Production from Seeds

Different methods are used to extract the essential oil used in the production of natural coffee soap from the beans. Performing this extraction process with the help of natural solvents is the most common method. In recent years, different methods have been studied in order to make the oil’s content strong enough and increase its concentration. With new methods, improvements are expected to be made in the production of natural soap and other types of natural products from coffee beans.

Care with Natural Coffee Soap

Coffee, which most people consume to wake up from sleepiness, actually has many different benefits on the human body in terms of health. It is also known that this food, which is used as a supportive substance in emotional transitions, has a blood pressure-lowering effect.

As a result of using natural coffee oil soap during the skin cleansing phase, you will enjoy the coffee scent it leaves on your skin. Today, various soaps and cleaning materials are produced with aromas obtained from many different fruits or herbal products. However, highly processed cosmetic market products cannot of course replace natural soaps. With its clean content and pleasant aroma, natural coffee soap is a reliable soap that can be preferred for pleasant cleaning.


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