Juniper Tar Soap

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  • Juniper Tar Soap 100g
  • Ardic Katrani
  • 100% Natural bar soap from Turkey
  • 100 gram
  • Cold Process


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Juniper Tar SoapJuniper Tar Soap and Its Properties

Juniper tar soap, one of the natural personal care products, has an important place in the care routine of many people with its compatibility with the skin and its unique scent. Since it has a herbal and natural content, it does not leave any harmful effects on the skin. In this article, we will examine juniper tar soap in detail, both in terms of its properties and the reasons why it is preferred.

As mentioned in the research about it, juniper tree often grows in Mediterranean countries. Juniper tar soap, which has a scent that is generally described as woody and spicy, is often used in men’s care products. It is included in the literature with its Latin name as Juniperus Oxycedrus. Apart from the products in the cosmetic industry, it has also been mentioned that it is used as a spice in various dishes.

Juniper Tar Soap

This plant, which we want to examine when it is included in cleaning and care products, is frequently used in hair and skin care. You may have seen that many men’s shampoos contain juniper wood or juniper tar. Of course, women can also use products containing this plant for personal care. It is said to have a feature that moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients, juniper tar soap does not pose risks such as allergies to hair or skin.

Juniper Tar Soap in Hair and Skin Care

Nowadays, many people try to deal with the problem of dandruff due to dryness on their scalp. Likewise, dryness and eczema-like conditions in the facial area are also quite annoying. In today’s conditions, stress and an irregular life can lead to such problems. As a solution to these problems, natural products can be used. If we examine the properties of juniper tar, we can see that it has a very strong structure in moisturizing and revitalizing the area where it is used. It is one of the first choice products for those who want to keep their skin young and looking bright and healthy. It will be much more effective and reliable, especially when used in the structure of natural soaps.


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