Pine Tar Soap

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  • Natural Pine Tar Soap
  • Çam Katranı Sabunu
  • 100 gram
  • Against Eczema Problem
  • Cold Process
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Pine Tar SoapNatural Pine Tar Soap and Its Properties

Pine tar oil, used especially for its effects on hair and scalp, is the main ingredient of natural pine tar soap. It is a natural solution to the problem of dandruff, which is a disease that many people suffer from, and to eczema that may occur on the skin. We can say that it is a very important opportunity to find herbal solutions, such as natural soaps, to these problems that people with dry skin usually encounter.

Pine Tar Soap Against Eczema Problem

As mentioned in the post here, pine tar has long been used for a variety of chronic skin and scalp problems such as eczema. It has been suggested to wash the area with pine tar to solve the diseases that cause dryness on the skin, which is referred to as “atopic dermatitis” in the literature.

We know that eczema and similar skin problems reduce the quality of life of the person they suffer from. According to the study, we can say that a bath product containing pine tar is effective against the problem of “AD”, that is, atopic dermatitis. Of course, there are other products that can be good for dryness and eczema on the hair and body skin. However, it is very important to find natural solutions for such skin problems. Because products that do not have a natural structure and are not compatible with the skin may cause new skin problems instead of solving the existing problem. Considering this, we can see that natural soaps and herbal products have a valuable place.

As stated in this study, the anti-allergic nature of pine tar and green tea extracts has made them a natural herbal solution for atopic skin. The presence of these extracts in the products used in the bath produces positive results for dryness of the skin and scalp. Additional studies and scientific research on this subject are needed in the future. However, the information obtained from the research conducted so far and customer feedback is that; Using pine tar-containing products during bathing has shown positive effects against atopic skin problems.

Properties of Pine Tar

Pine tar, which is frequently used in the dermatological field, has anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic effects. It has the feature of repairing the skin barrier and thus providing solutions to various skin problems. These effects come to the fore especially when used during bathing. In addition, it is safe to use on the skin because it is of herbal origin and a derivative of a natural substance. As mentioned in the discussion section of the study here, it has been observed that the eczema problem decreases as a result of using products containing this herbal extract for a period of four weeks. Evaluations of people who used the product were also consulted. It seems that the results obtained again indicate a positive effect.

Natural Soaps

Naturally essential oils and soaps obtained from these oils are reliable options, especially for problems in sensitive body areas such as hair and skin. Natural soaps, one of the most reliable cleaning products, have the properties of the vegetable oils from which they are obtained. Thanks to the pine tar essential oil contained in Chailea natural pine tar soap, you can support the healing process of eczema-like skin problems.


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